Can Mink Lashes Be Cruelty Free ?

People often ask me, are your eyelashes harmless,cruelty free ?is it allergic?I want to tell you solemnly Here. The mink we produced is cruelty free.From the raw material.In terms of mink lashes,which is made of 100% Mink fur, which are from young minks (1-1.5years old). Their fur hairs are glossy, silky and flexible.Please be sure that all the fur are collected when the minks fall their hairs every year, without any harm. From the production process,The product is produced in the sterile dust-free workshop ,the factory will be sterilized 24 hours before , non-toxic; false eyelashes self-adhesive, easy to wear, easier to use, and can be reused 5-20 times, the product also has cross, with flash, water drill, tip, dense, eye-tail long, feather, natural long and other popular styles.In terms of technology,Using pure hand-made, Each pair of 3 D pure mink false eyelashes are hand-made, exquisite workmanship, carefully built.,the workmanship is fine and natural encryption, and after many engineering sterilization and disinfection treatment, and then create a good elasticity, not easy to break, do not deform high-grade eyelashes.

From Use time:

All eyelashes can be reused, its durable,as long as carefully worn, can be used more than 25 times,Then why we prefer to mink lash ?Different from silk lashes ,mink's fur is silky, bright and feels softer and smoother ;3 D pure mink false lashes are closer to our real lashes, no matter glossy or hairy. Plastic black stem on the natural curl of eyelashes, soft and comfortable without eye piercing, wearing a day without foreign body feeling, Radian reasonable, close to the eyes.

The brightness and hardness of mink hair, the presence of the closest human true eyelash of all materials, are also different,

Our lashes are strip, long and thick, fluffy layered appearance, natural messy, give you a sexy and dramatic eye makeup. With proper care, the 3D eyelashes can be reusable. 

 Mink false eyelash three-dimensional curl, the upper eye effect is natural lifelike, wearing in the eye without the slightest discomfort, and the real person eyelashes, feel soft, but also make your eyes more three-dimensional.

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