How Long Mink Eyelashes Last?

Mink eyelashes have always been favored by beauties for its incomparable advantages, which is also a feature that chemical fiber eyelashes cannot compare with.


Advantages of mink eye lashes:

  1. Difference in wearing effect. Because mink hair is also animal hair,it fits the curl of its eyelashes more naturally after wearing, and itis more natural and shiny than chemical fiber eyelashes. It has a good waterproof effect and its very soft and comfortable to wear, making the eyelashes look thicker and longer.


  1. The easiness to fall off is different. The lashes made of mink hair aremore difficult to fall off, while the chemical fiber lashes are more likelyto fall off because of the uneven material, and it is easy to crush their lashes after wearing.


The duration of wearing a pair of mink hair false eyelashes is usually determined by the quality of the eyelashes, the degree of care with which they are used (cleaning after each use) and the length of each wear.


How long does a pair of mink false eyelashes last normally?

Due to the better quality of mink false eyelashes, the hair is soft and waterproof, and the eyelash stems are not easy to deform. Excluding artificial damage, squeezing and incorrect use, it can be used about 25- -30 times. It can be worn at any time without time limits. There will not have any abnormal reactions.


The correct way to wear the eyelashes here is to first hold the false eyelashes on your eyes to compare the length, and then use special scissors to trim the length of the eyes according to the length of the eye. Hold the false eyelashes with a clip, and then apply an appropriate amount of

glue. When it is half dry, stick the false eyelashes to the eyelids little by little. Use the grip of the clip to gently press the false eyelashes to fix the correct position. Use your hand to gently flip the false eyelashes up to make it more warped.


After normal wearing, tear it off gently from one side, apply the eyelash cleaning solution to the cotton swab, wipe it with a cotton swab to remove the rest glue is ok.


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