How to stop my eyelashes from falling out(by any means)?

A lot of makeup beginner when wearing eyelashes,due to lack of experience. It's easy to make off eyelashes.

In fact, as long as you master a few tips when wearing, you can avoid eyelashes falling off.

  1. Choose eyelashes

When choosing eyelashes, pay attention to the eyelash band. Many people have never noticed this when choosing eyelashes.On the one hand, carefully observe the thickness of the band when choosing eyelashes.Too thin band can only be used nearly 10 times. Too thick band are not soft enough to fall off easily.On the other hand, the band of false eyelashes are divided into two categories: black cotton band and transparent/clear band.

Different types of eyelash band represent different degrees of softness and rigidity, which directly determine whether  eyelashes will fall off during wearing.

The black cotton band are softer and more comfortable. The transparent/clear band look more natural, but they are less comfortable and easier to fall off than cotton.

2.Trim eyelashes

When wearing eyelashes,first cut it to the same length as your eyes.Before applying glue,let eyelashes to fit the base of our eyelashes.Then cut off the corners of the false eyelashes and the excess of the end of the eye.Many people do n’t pay attention to trimming the length of eyelashes,It causes the eyelashes that stick up to not fit the eyes and fall off.

3.Soften eyelashes

Softening eyelashes,I believe many professional makeup artists will ignore,In order to make the eyelashes more comfortable to wear, it is recommended to soften the eyelashes first.Gently bend the eyelashes with your fingers into a c-shape and hold them for 15-25 seconds.In this way, the softened eyelashes will more closely fit the roots of your own eyelashes and will not fall off easily.

4.Apply eyelash glue

Your eyelash glue needs to have a good quality,

The white glue is very hard, after the eyelashes are shaped, the roots will feel thick and fall off easily.The transparent glue makes the eyelashes soft after setting, and has good viscosity, which will not fall off even after wearing it.The most important thing is that it won't get rid of your real eyelashes.Note that you must be careful when applying glue, a small number of times. Must not be applied too much or too little.91

5.Wear eyelashes

After the glue is applied, don't rush to apply it.About 10 seconds or so before we can apply eyelashes.Because the adhesive is best when the glue is close to dry.

Find the base of your eyelashes and apply eyelashes slightly above the base of your eyelashes.Start from the middle, and then press the head and end of the eye after the middle fit.After applying, you can use the end of the makeup brush and press the root of the eyelashes.Don't stick it just after applying the glue, because eyelashes can easily fall off.If the eyelashes in the corner of the eye fall off, it means that the glue is not enough or the eyelashes are not pressed properly.At this time, you can apply a little glue to the corner of the eye, and then carefully press the eyelashes, after the glue is dry, the eyelashes are fixed.

The above is a small method for everyone to prevent eyelashes from falling out. I hope to give you some help.


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