How to wash mink false eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are a kind of cosmetics that many people like, mink eyelashes can effectively enlarge the eyes, make the eyes look bigger and more divine, but also can change the shape of the eyes, many people like to wear mink eyelashes when wearing eye makeup.

Usually good quality mink false eyelashes can be reused if you use them well. To prolong the life of mink eyelashes, cleaning eyelashes has become a key step! In the face of just off the dirty false eyelashes, how to clean it? At this point you need to prepare the following tools: makeup remover, mink eyelashes to be cleaned, a cotton stick, a piece of makeup remover cotton, a tweezers. When you get ready, you can start taking a beauty bath with your favorite false eyelashes!

STEP1:First, soak the cotton swab with the eye-lip solution, then gently wipe the root of the false eyelash.

STEP2: To clean out the eye shadow and residual eyeliner and eyelash glue, wet the cotton pad with makeup remover and press it on the eye. After about 30 seconds, it's clean.

STEP3: Fold the clean cotton pad in half into two rectangles, pay attention to fold in one piece of narrow and one piece of width, then cut it, and soak the cotton pad through the eye makeup remover.

STEP4: Put the false eyelashes on the wide half, the hair should be left slightly outside, do not cover the entire false eyelashes in, remember, otherwise it may deform, and then cover the narrow piece, gently press the root with your fingers, so that the liquid as much as possible to infiltrate the root.

 STEP5: Bend the make-up cotton, let two pieces of make-up cotton press firmly, put to the next day, after taking away will see two black prints, this shows that the glue above has fallen off.

Little reminder:

  1. Its better to combthe mink hair when u wet the eyelash root, in case some of the fragile hair will shape, but most hand-made false hair can withstand such a toss. So its no a big question.
  2. Glue not clean enoughnot only affect the re-use of false eyelashes, more likely to induce eye disease to become a potential personal safety hidden danger, so do not be ignored!

                                                                        -From Peeycu Mink Lashes Team

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