Know the Difference Between the Best and Worst Mascaras For

If you're a mascara fanatic, then you already know the difference between the best mascara and the worst mascara. The best ones are designed to offer long-lasting wear while staying true to your natural lashes. The bad ones will clump and cause your lashes to fall out so you should stay away from them.

The Good Mascara - Cruelty free - It is cruelty free, meaning it will not irritate your eyes or cause any allergic reactions. The eyes will not be irritated by this product. In fact, this is the perfect mascara for those who have sensitive eyes. Also, some people have allergies to certain chemicals and have to stay away from mascara because of these allergies.


The Bad Plasticy Feels - This mascara does not have any form of plastic. However, it still feels like it. It feels like plastic, that is not very good quality.


The Bad Gal Lash Book - Women with oily skin should steer clear of this mascara. This product is made of mineral oil, which is highly damaging to the delicate skin around the eyes. You will need to use the serum provided with this mascara to help prevent it from causing breakouts.


The Complete Bad Girl Mascara - This product comes in three different sizes and each of the three is full of tiny bristles, some of which are made of ceramic. You need to be very careful when applying this mascara as it can become very difficult to remove.


The Bad Gal Lash Book 2.0 - There is another mascara named the Bad Gal Lash Book 2.0. This is still cruelty free, but the coating on the brushes is very thick and it makes it almost impossible to remove.


The Bad Gal Lash Book Three-In-One - It is just like the one mentioned above except the bristles are harder and the coloring is darker. Again, you will need to use the serum to help the removal process. This is another mascara that you don't want to be using in the daytime because it will make you look too dark and make your eyes appear glassy.


The Bad Gal Lash Book Photo Finishes - It has the same applicator that the previous mascara had but it has an actual black color. It is not a mascara that you want to use after being indoors for awhile because it has this thin coating on it. It also will smudge the eye area when exposed to direct sunlight.


The Good Powder Brush - The brush is gentle on the eyes and you can feel that it is made of quality bristles. It is even better than other mascaras that use powder.


The Good Finishing Mascara - The brush is very soft and small. It is not designed to get into the lashes. It is just for sweeping it onto the eyelashes and separating them.


The Good Side-by-Side - The brushes have been individually measured to ensure they are equal in size. This is what makes it easy to put it on your eyelashes.


The Good Partially Lined Mascara - You have to test it for yourself to see if it is a mascara that causes any irritation. It's very sensitive, so it should be worn lightly.

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