What to know about mink lashes ?

Do you know how mink lashes are selected?

Do you know the characteristics of mink eyelashes?

Do you know how we should choose the style suitable for our eyes?

After read this article and you'll know more about them.

The Lashes are made of 100% Mink fur, which are from young minks (1-1.5years old)..Please be sure that all the fur are collected when the minks fall their hairs every year, without any harm.  

Different from silk lashes ,Mink fur hairs lashes are glossy, silky and durable.u can use many times repeatly.

Mink lashes is flexible and curl .more natural after wearing.There is aslo no sense of discomfort in the eyes.effect is same with our real lashes , let you feel their softness ,meanwhile, its aslo makes the eyes more stereoscopic.

You know what they say:differ from individual to individual,

Here is only a little knowledge of mink eyelashes from a personal point of view:

In term of 3d effect . we Divided lash into Regular mink , 3D mink ,5D mink 与6d mink.

Regular mink is no any 3d effect ,its more natural ,but  3D mink ,5D mink 与6d mink.they are striped and double-layed .its more amazing and elegent .

In term of deisgn . we Divided into natural lashes & wispy lashes .natural lashes ,its like your own eyes.short and no big curl.but wispy lashes ,they are more curl ,volume and dramtic .if your eye socket is deep,u can choose this kind of styles.

In term of lashes band . we Divided into clear band & cotton band ,clear band is plastic visiable band ,sometimes ,u cant see it clearly .for cottom band ,its made of cottom thread ,its black and invisiable.which can fit our eyes perfectly.make your eyes look like with eyeliner .make your eyes look sexier and give you a sexy and dramatic eye makeup.

Depending on the length,It can also be divided into short, medium and long mink lashes.

We have 10mm-13mm length ,16-18mm length ,25-30mm longer length .u can choose length and styles per your eyes .

Even now according to the color division.we aslo updated colorful lashes : as below :

U can choose many different colors styles to wear .its unique .

So maybe someone have a questions, will ask us :your lash has different length ,different design and wearing effect .

We how to choose the right one for ourselves when in different accasions .

For example :

1.Party:we can choose natural mink fur lashes . between 12-15mm length .their fur is normal density.this serises with cottom band ,its soft and flexible,it will not leave any bad and ugly inpression.

2.Stage: u can choose colorful lashes that is crazy and curl.which can match our overall makeup. Make you stand our in the crowd.10-20mm length is better ;

3.Daily:to reducing pressure for our eyes .we can choose length is 12-14mm ,

they are natural messy ,striped and light. Various styles is available .

Mink fur lashes is Self-adhesive .so its easy to wear ,no matter your are freshman or artist .Meanwhile ,our mink lash is can be used 25times repeatly .so dont worry about it ,You can wear it boldly and take it off .

Here are some tips about taking out it .

Firstly .Use cotton swabs that have been soaked in makeup remover. Gently wipe the root of your eyelashes to help you pick your eyelashes easily.

Then remove extra lash glue.

After wipe Gently . let us put lash in a clean container.  

One last tip. Teach how to distinguish between real and false mink hair:

Use Hot water .Mink hair is easy to deform ,Fiber hair is not easily deformed

Burning :Mink has the smell of burning hair , when your hands to knead ,its easy to make into powder ,The fiber has the smell of burning plastic and can't be crushed

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