What type of lash i should wear for cheer makeup?

As Cheerleader: first of all .we should show the characteristics of youthful vitality.  Makeup is aslo dramatic and bold, so that the audience can see it from a long distance.

In considering of Performance time and movement range.Even sweating ,Their makeup should be able to stay fresh and keep it for a long time.

Then our natural and durable 3d mink lashes is best choice for cheerleader.

The Lashes are made of 100% cruelty-free mink fur, which are from young minks (1-1.5years old). Their fur hairs are glossy, silky and flexible.Please be sure that all the fur are collected when the minks fall their hairs every year, without any harm.  

As below:


This mink lashes is our popular styles,they are natural messy ,striped and light .no any pressure for eyes when u wear it full day .and also redesigned to give the wearer's eyelashes a lush, velvet-like appearance that synthetic strip lashes cannot compare

Black cotton thread design is soft ,which can fit our eyes perfectly.make your eyes look like with eyeliner .make your eyes look sexier and give you a sexy and dramatic eye makeup

All styles are pure craftsmanship. No any allergic factors, even after sweating and tears ,which will not produce redness and swelling.many people can wear .

This design of 3d mink lashes have 230+ different styles in total.which can meet your guys all different eye type.u aslo can custom length ,thickness per your eyes .

With proper care, the 3D mink eyelashes can be reusable 25times。All our raw extracts are made to undergo a Sterile and hypo-allergenic review with no added chemicals or dying included. This way; so we can guarantee 100% user-friendly products with the highest quality.

What is more .if Cheerleader’s eye socket is deep .wispy and longer styles is aslo can be wore .so that there is relevent design that they can try .as below,

1.Theis mink lashes are strip, long and thick,with fluffy layered appearance,longer length of 25mm , which can more accentuates our eye contours. To make your eyes bigger.


2.Black cottom band design ,u can refer to above technique.100% craftsmanship.its very safety.

3.They are Strong Self-adhesive , its aslo easy to wear and use ,specially for makeup freshman . its best product to try and prectice.

4.our lash is produced In sterile and dust-free workshop ,before the factory is ship and delivery ,our goods will be sterilize in24 hours 。


What is more , our lashes is also include in every packaging, easy-to-follow Care, and Application instructions. With proper care, they can be re-useable for up to 28times. 

In addition. Facial expression is very important in performance; It's also a way for us to attract audiences and show our personalities. On makeup, in addition to choosing the appropriate false eyelashes, the players can also be matched with eyeliner, mascara and other auxiliary products, the effect is better.

Tip: you can trim lashes length if you are unwell in length.

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