Why Mink Lashes Better?

Eyelash fashion is popular nowadays.

Although we often wear eyelashes, our understanding of eyelashes is limited.

Now, let's learn about the kinds of eyelashes.

  1. Types of eyelashes

Eyelashes are divided into mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, horse eyelashes, magnet eyelashes, etc.

The essential difference between them is that they are made of different materials.

For example, mink eyelashes is made of mink hair, silk eyelashes is made of synthetic material, and human hair eyelashes is made of human hair...

  1. Benefits of mink hair

1) Better quality

Quality determines the price. I often have customers ask me why mink hair is more expensive.

Because the quality of mink is the best of all eyelashes, the price is also higher than ordinary eyelashes.


High quality mink hair can be worn repeatedly. About 25-30 times.

And silk eyelashes, human hair eyelashes can only be worn 10-15 times. If you don't choose to meet low-quality eyelashes, you can only wear them less than 10 times.

3) More natural wearing effect

Mink hair doesn't shine like plastic in the sun.

After wearing it, it looks more like the eyelashes that people own.


4) More styles for customers to choose

Mink hair is made by hand. We can customize your eyelashes according to customers' ideas.

We can launch about 1000 different styles a year.

While we guarantee the classic style, we are constantly innovating.

The reason is that every customer pursues different make-up, for example, some people like sparse style, others like dense style.


5) Cruelty free

Our minks are all kept in captivity. When they grow up, they shed their hair naturally every spring and autumn.

We have special workers to collect the hair of mink.

We also received the honorary certificate issued by China Association for the protection of animals.

Mink Lashes


3.How to choose mink hair

First of all, you pick up the mink hair and look at its side. The 3D effect is more natural and the curl is obvious.

Secondly, the length of mink hair, to choose their own length, now many people are looking for 25 mm or even 30 mm eyelashes. But not everyone is suitable for this type of eyelash, we must judge according to the degree of dimple in our eyes.

Finally, the stalk of mink hair is divided into black cotton stalk and transparent stalk. The black cotton stalk is like the eye liner eye shadow, which is more comfortable to wear. The transparent stem is mainly comfortable.

I hope this article can help you!

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