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25mm mink eyelashes


25mm mink eyelashes is a very popular eyelash in the US market recently. Girls like it very much, and more and more people like 25mm mink eyelashes, because 25mm mink eyelashes will make you very charming. The length of finger lashes is about 25mm. Because mink eyelashes are very light and very comfortable to wear, it is very easy to make 25mm. It is also very easy to use an eyelash brush to style. Each pair of eyelashes is handmade, which makes each pair of eyelashes different and makes them look more natural. Each eyelash is the same as a real eyelash. .


We’ve built a strict quality control system to make sure all lashes 25mm.

PEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUS