PEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUS
PEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUSPEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUSPEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUSPEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUSPEEYCU  Luxury 25mm 3D  Mink Lashes -ACACIUS



  • Made entirely from real eyelashes.slender, light, and slender-perfect lashes with no weight The definition of curl degree provides the effect of a big eye.
  • Ultra flexible band for super easy application.
  • Uses: Up To 25 Wears.
  • Can be used on many occasions.No matter if you are going out, dating, dancing, etc.


  1. Align band with natural lash line, trim excess if needed. 
  2.  Make sure when applying glue to lash band wait 40-50 seconds until adhesive is tacking.
  3.  Place the lash in the centre of your natural lashes, then using tweezers push the inner corner of the strip lash in placefollowed by the outer corner.
  4. Press lash against natural lashes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sydney Owens

My tarot readings and photoshoots are always beautiful with these icing on the top lashes! I love lo g lashes because I've got large eyes! They make MY eyes POP but don't look like brooms. Y'all k n ow what I mean, you probably got someones image in your mind lol. These are perfect. Shop nowhere else!

Rebecca Horwath (United States)
The best lashes I've owned.

I've bought cheap lashes and I've bought expensive lashes - and these by far are my very favorite. I usually struggle putting on lashes and it takes a few goes but with these kiss #11 (they ARE 11, idk why it says 5) the bands are very thin which makes them super flexible and easy to apply. That being said, take care while removing them from the packing their on for you won't trip on damage them. Theyre a step up from natural look to the eyes. Not toooo dramatic but just enough to add a wow factor . Absolutely perfect for daily use. I honestly won't buy any of lashes every again. I'm not too big into thick drama lashes because I don't tend to do looks like that so these are perfect. If your looking for lashes that are really big, thick , long, and less on the natural side, I wouldnt recommend these for you. Ice attached a picture wearing these lashes for reference but I definitely love these x100000000