PEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -Florida
PEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -FloridaPEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -FloridaPEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -FloridaPEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -FloridaPEEYCU  High Quality Regular  Mink Lashes -Florida



  • Made entirely from real eyelashes.slender, light, and slender-perfect lashes with no weight The definition of curl degree provides the effect of a big eye.
  • Ultra flexible band for super easy application.
  • Uses: Up To 25 Wears.
  • Can be used on many occasions.No matter if you are going out, dating, dancing, etc.


  1. Align band with natural lash line, trim excess if needed. 
  2.  Make sure when applying glue to lash band wait 40-50 seconds until adhesive is tacking.
  3.  Place the lash in the centre of your natural lashes, then using tweezers push the inner corner of the strip lash in placefollowed by the outer corner.
  4. Press lash against natural lashes.

Customer Reviews

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SarahJaiyn (United States)
Amazing lashes! A must have!

I’m a makeup artist and have used many different brands and styles of lashes. These are my absolute favorites. I use them on clients and wear them myself daily. They are easier than most lashes to apply. I personally don’t need to trim much off them to get the perfect fit. The band of the lash is not too thin and flimsy but also not too thick and hard. The band is the perfect amount of thickness that make it easily to mold to the shape of your eye. I can wear them for several days. I find they look better on the 2 - 3 day because they are already shaped to my eye. I’ve fallen asleep with them on and the lashes do not lose there shape. When I’ve fallen asleep wearing other lashes, I wake up to the individual lashes poking out in every direction. That does not happen with these. Highly recommend! I have purchased several times and will continue to purchas